Evidence, Excellence, Equity

Our mission is to ensure that all pupils have access to the highest-quality education via the provision of curricular resources and professional development which will give their teachers the confidence and the competence to deliver rich, varied and meaningful lessons on a daily basis.

Our dream is that one day, all pupils are invited to hear the story of mathematics, given access to its true beauty and allowed to thrive in the world when their time at school has come to an end.

As teachers and leaders with a wealth of experience working in a range of contexts across all phases of education, ALTA was born of a passionate belief that all pupils can learn well when in receipt of expert teaching and that anyone (who puts their mind to it) can become an expert teacher.

Our combined leadership experience places us in the perfect position to support schools with a desire to develop the experience available to their pupils. Having refined our approach to teacher development in collaboration with thousands of teachers around the world, we have the ingredients to support you in making meaningful, lasting change.

“I worked with Kieran in my first year as a Maths Leader. Kieran introduced me to the idea of taking an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning and helped me to engage with the latest research in the science of learning.  As a mentor, he was inspirational and helped me to be strategic in how I dealt with professional development. This is something that had a profound impact in my school as it led to a mindset change in our staff and in turn to a general increase in the quality of our teaching. Kieran’s unshakable belief that all children can access mathematics is something that he shares with all teachers and the pupils he teaches.”

Our Services

Professional Development Sessions (In-Person)

We offer a comprehensive range of effective and engaging professional development sessions designed to help teachers develop their skills and knowledge.

Professional Development (Virtual)

We offer bespoke virtual professional development sessions for schools and groups of schools, ranging from one hour to a full day (and beyond) to support school improvement planning.

School Visits

Our comprehensive school visits help school leaders identify areas for development in mathematics and make sustainable plans for improvement.

HOD/Maths Lead Mentoring

Our half-term mentoring calls provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for school leaders to discuss their plans and challenges.


Our affordable and convenient webinars offer teachers a flexible way to engage in professional development and grow their knowledge.

Bond Builders Intervention

Our Bond Builders intervention is a two-minute-a-day evidence-based approach to helping all students learn key number facts, promoting confidence and success in mathematics.

Meet The Team

Hello! My name is Stuart and I have worked in education for over 17 years.

I started my career as a mathematics teacher in a school in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Scotland. I immediately saw the transformational power of education and the remarkable potential within us all.

Anyone who desires to learn should be able to access the very best teaching regardless of background or resource. To that end, I have made it my mission to contribute all I can to support learners and teachers as they strive for excellence.

Hello, I’m Kieran. A teacher, author, and primary mathematics specialist with 16 years of teaching and leadership experience.

In that time, I have honed my skills and passion for education into a powerful force for positive change.

My journey in education began with a simple yet profound mission: to provide unwavering support to the students who need it the most. Throughout my career, I have steadfastly embraced this calling, dedicating my expertise to teaching and leading in areas of high socio-economic deprivation.