School-based interventions for reducing disciplinary school exclusion

Author: Sara Valdebenito, Manuel Eisner, David P. Farrington, Maria M. Ttofi, Alex Sutherland

Year: 2018

Paper Description

This is a systematic review exploring the impact of interventions on the reduction of exclusions. It explores 37 studies, of which 33 were conducted in the United States of America.

Key Takeaway 1

Initiatives carried out within the school environment lead to a relatively small yet statistically significant decrease in exclusion rates during the initial six-month period following their implementation. However, this effect does not maintain its strength over time. It is noteworthy that these interventions appear to be more proficient at mitigating certain types of exclusion, such as expulsion and in-school exclusions.

Key Takeaway 2

Interventions, of the type studied and reviewed, are reported to have no impact on antisocial behaviour.

Standout Quote

“Some interventions – enhancement of academic skills, counselling, mentoring/monitoring, and skillstraining for teachers – appear to have significant effects on exclusion.”


behaviour, exclusion, suspension, standards, systematic review