Developing an interactive learning model using visual basic applications with ethnomathematical contents to improve primary school students’ mathematical reasoning

Author: Euis Eti Rohaeti, Nelly Fitriani, Fadillah Akbar

Year: 2020

Paper Description

This study developed an interactive learning model using Microsoft Excel and ethnomathematical content to improve primary school students’ mathematical reasoning abilities. The model was developed through a series of stages, including preliminary studies, literature review, design, focus group discussions, limited trials, revisions, extensive trials, and socialization.

The research subjects were teachers and students in six primary schools. The research instruments were interviews, validation sheets, documentation, learning observation sheets, questionnaires, and a mathematical reasoning ability test.

(Ethnomathematical content is any mathematical content that is specific to a particular culture. This can include things like: Traditional counting systems, games and puzzles, folk tales and myths, art and music, or religious and spiritual practices.

Key Takeaway 1

The results of the validation showed that the model was very effective and that users liked it very much.

Key Takeaway 2

Students who used the model showed significant improvement in their mathematical reasoning abilities.

Standout Quote

“Based on the research procedures carried out, it can be concluded that the stages carried out in research fulfill the steps of a development research.”


mathematics, maths, math, reasoning, learning, teaching, problem solving