Professional Development and Teacher Change

Author: Thomas Guskey

Year: 2010

Paper Description

The purpose of this article was to describe a model of teacher change and the research evidence supporting it. The model shows the steps that teachers go through as they change their attitudes and beliefs about teaching, and the conditions under which change is most likely to happen.

Key Takeaway 1

Teachers change over time as they learn new things about teaching and see what works best for their students. Professional development experiences can help teachers learn new things, but they need time to reflect on what they learned and apply it to their practice.

Key Takeaway 2

The author is optimistic about the potential of professional development, and they believe that the Guskey model can help us to make professional development programs more effective and powerful. They argue that by paying careful attention to the order of change events described in the model, we can facilitate change-making and contribute to the endurance of change.

Standout Quote

“If change in teachers’ attitudes and beliefs occurred primarily before implementation of a new program or innovation, the quality of initial training would be crucial. But since…such change occurs mainly after implementation takes place…continued follow-up, support, and pressure…is even more crucial.”


teacher development, instructional coaching, expertise, expert teachers, mathematics, science, teaching, school improvement