Constructing Curriculum Subject Knowledge In Primary School Teacher Training

Author: Anne Edwards, Lynn Ogden

Year: 1998

Paper Description

This article explores the recent change in the relationship between schools and teacher training providers, which saw teachers taking on more responsibility for student training at a time when curricular demands were also increasing.

Key Takeaway 1

There is a need to develop a developmental professional knowledge curriculum for beginning teachers, and to provide more support for teacher mentors in helping student teachers to develop wise interpretations of and responses to classroom events while in action in classrooms.

Key Takeaway 2

The community of practice of primary education needs to find ways to embrace its increased responsibility for the professional learning of beginning teachers, and to deal with current emphases on the creation of teachers who are able to interpret learning needs and operate responsively across the broad primary school curriculum.

Standout Quote

“The flexibility demanded by a pedagogy which relies on interaction between child and curriculum and which is at times is contingent on the learning needs of the child in relation to the curriculum, may cause some discomfort for those student teachers whose identity projects are relatively fragile constructions in the area of the curriculum in question.”


teacher training, ITT, ITE, primary school, community of practice, professional knowledge, curriculum, challenges, mentor, student teacher, England, Wales, development, support