Building students’ conceptual understanding of operations on fractions using manipulatives: A junior high school perspective

Author: Kwadwo Amo-Asante, Ebenezer Bonyah

Year: 2023

Paper Description

This study explores the impact the use of manipulatives can have on pupil understanding of fractions. Using a pre-test/post-test non-random assignment experiment design, the performance of 135 students in Ghana is compared following a manipulatives-based intervention.

Key Takeaway 1

There were no gender differences regarding the impact of the use of manipulatives and the reported development of conceptual understanding.

Key Takeaway 2

Teachers need to have a conceptual understanding of the mathematics they wish to teach before they attempt to do so.

Standout Quote

“To demystify the notion of fractions and make it more alive, realistic, and interesting, this took a variety of forms, including self-learning, group discussions, role playing, contests, and speed tests.”


manipulatives, quasi-experimental, pre-test, post-test, pedagogy, mathematics, math, maths, teaching, Ghana, research