The Helios Medal for Excellence in Mathematics Education

Recognising Excellence in Mathematics Education

The Helios Medal is a prestigious global accreditation recognising schools and institutions that demonstrate unparalleled excellence in the provision and leadership of mathematics education. This exclusive award symbolises the highest commitment to providing an equitable, evidence-based, and exceptional mathematics learning experience.

A Mark of Distinction

Earning the Helios Medal is a remarkable achievement. It showcases an institution’s dedication to continuously improving mathematics teaching practices across all levels using the latest research-backed methods. The Helios Medal isn’t just an award—it gives membership to a community that opens up potential collaboration and knowledge sharing among the world’s finest mathematics educators.

The Competitive Advantage of Helios Accreditation

For forward-thinking schools and educational institutions, the Helios Medal represents far more than just recognition of excellence – it’s a powerful asset that provides a range of competitive advantages:

Elevate Your School’s Reputation and Prestige
The Helios Medal is an indisputable global mark of world-class mathematics instruction. Its exclusivity and rigorous standards enhance your school’s reputation, attracting students and staff alike.

Continuous Improvement
The Helios evaluation criteria provide an exhaustive framework covering all facets of mathematics education. The insights gained allow you to identify strengths, highlight opportunities, and implement initiatives that continually improve teaching practices.

Boost Student Outcomes
Helios accreditation verifies a school’s ability to develop high-level mathematics competency in students, giving your students a considerable edge in higher education admissions and future career paths.

Support Marketing and Recruitment Efforts
Prominently showcasing the Helios Medal enhances your institution’s credibility, strengthening brand perception. This distinction proves your commitment to educational excellence, attracting aspirational students and retaining top talent.

Undergoing the Helios accreditation process is an investment that pays dividends through enhanced institutional reputation, strengthened educational quality, sustained recruitment and retention, and measurable student success. Institutions prioritising educational excellence and long-term growth need to look no further than the Helios Medal.

The Path to Accreditation

Application Window: Schools can apply for evaluation against the rigorous Helios Criteria during the annual 5-month application window from March 1 to August 31.

Rigorous Assessment: Successful applicants undergo an intensive two-day assessment visit to evaluate their provision against the comprehensive Helios Criteria thoroughly.

Limited Accreditation: Only 10 schools worldwide can hold the Helios Medal at any given time, ensuring its exclusivity as a marker of truly exceptional mathematics education.

Two-Year Accreditation: Helios Medal holders must undergo reassessment every two years to maintain their accredited status.

The Helios Criteria: Excellence Personified

The Helios Criteria exhaustively evaluates every aspect of an institution’s mathematics program:

Practice: Examining teaching methods, curricula, assessment practices, and instructional support across all grade levels.

Evidence: Ensuring data-driven instruction and continuous improvement using pedagogical research.

Excellence: Maintaining the highest standards of student achievement, engagement, and outcomes.

Equity: Providing an inclusive, world-class mathematics education, regardless of background or circumstance.

The 2024 application window for the prestigious Helios Medal is now open until August 31st.

Start your journey towards accrediting excellence in mathematics education today by completing the application form below.